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Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) on online discussions

Bertrand Russell is a pretty famous atheistic philosopher who apparently freed many people from the shackles of religion (like Peter FitzSimons), he was a smart cookie. And he had some amazingly prescient things to say about “the future” in this 1959 interview.

Things to read…

My browser tabs are overflowing with vaguely interesting stories about Christianity in the media, and some goodness from around the blogosphere. Here are some samples. Putting them here will allow me to close the tabs and come back to the stories, if nothing else… Brian Rosner and Peter FitzSimmons exchange something a little like niceties [...]

Some Tertullian

I’m putting together a bit of a piece on Tertullian’s views of the Trinity from his polemic Against Praxeas. I like how people just titled their works “Against X” in the good old days. This document from the early third century (210ish AD) is a nice and early articulation of trinitarian theology, which Tertullian says [...]

Liveblogging Doug Moo at QTC: Session 2

Key Issues When are we Justified Definitive Justification Romans 5:1,9 Summarise Paul’s themes – we’re justified by faith, and by his blood. Justification leads to a future salvation. Paul uses this language for our ultimate deliverance rather than our future deliverance. Galatians 5:4-6 Verse 5 – we hope for righteousness. This is from a Greek [...]

Liveblogging Douglas Moo on Justification at QTC: Session 1

Doug Moo is famous. When it comes to the New Testament, at QTC, he wrote the book. He has a wikipedia page. He’s tall. He’s at college giving us a run down on the current Justification debate. He’s called it “The Contemporary Reassessment of a Key Doctrine”… issues in theology are worldwide these days, in [...]

An argument for productivity as foundational for Christian Ethics (and some good web strategy stuff)

This video from What’s Best Next’s Matt Perman is long. But sensationally free expert advice. I’ve said some things somewhere about the problems I have with the productivity gospel. Perman opens up with exactly the stuff I don’t like, that equates productivity with being more fruitful (which may well be true). But faster isn’t always [...]

Cage fighting, Christianity, and masculinity

This is a thought provoking and thoughtful essay from a former mixed martial artist that adds a little bit of nuance to the debate about masculinity, Driscoll style, and offers some interesting reflections on sport in general. Worth a read. It basically contends that Driscoll doesn’t even get the emphasis of cage fighting right… In [...]

Essay: Science and Theology how they relate

For some reason my previous essays have been better read than most regular garden variety posts on my blog. So I’ll continue putting them up. This one is huge. Over 110 things in my bibliography.   Science and Religion: Who and Why v What and When

The framework of a Social Media Strategy for Promoting a Christian Event

I recently put together a social media strategy for a Christian event I’m helping promote. This was to support an existing, broader, communication strategy for the event, so all the work in terms of figuring out what sort of content to post, and when, had already been done. You can’t have a good social media [...]

Sam Green: On answering Islam objections to Christianity

Sam is the AFES roaming expert on Islam. He’s in Brisbane for a few days so stopped in at college today. Defeater beliefs (see Tim Keller (PDF)): Every culture has beliefs or assumptions which make Christianity implausible. Things like: all religions are the same… Islam has a string of “defeater beliefs”… Paul never just presents [...]