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Sermon Jams…

I can’t decide what I think about sermon jams. The art of mashing up sermons to music – and in some cases, cool typography. They’re usually nice little snippets of the gospel, presented in a sharable way… and yet… they seem to do something I’m not sure I agree with to the humble preacher man… [...]

Steve Jobs on Conspiracy Theorists and the “Mainstream Media” (in 2002)

I hate it when people bag out the main stream media. As though the media is a puppet master tweaking the strings of society to impose its own views on the world. People need to start taking responsibility for their own actions and realise that the media is a mirror. It doesn’t make money if [...]

Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) on online discussions

Bertrand Russell is a pretty famous atheistic philosopher who apparently freed many people from the shackles of religion (like Peter FitzSimons), he was a smart cookie. And he had some amazingly¬†prescient¬†things to say about “the future” in this 1959 interview.

Things to read…

My browser tabs are overflowing with vaguely interesting stories about Christianity in the media, and some goodness from around the blogosphere. Here are some samples. Putting them here will allow me to close the tabs and come back to the stories, if nothing else… Brian Rosner and Peter FitzSimmons exchange something a little like niceties [...]

An argument for productivity as foundational for Christian Ethics (and some good web strategy stuff)

This video from What’s Best Next’s Matt Perman is long. But sensationally free expert advice. I’ve said some things somewhere about the problems I have with the productivity gospel. Perman opens up with exactly the stuff I don’t like, that equates productivity with being more fruitful (which may well be true). But faster isn’t always [...]

The framework of a Social Media Strategy for Promoting a Christian Event

I recently put together a social media strategy for a Christian event I’m helping promote. This was to support an existing, broader, communication strategy for the event, so all the work in terms of figuring out what sort of content to post, and when, had already been done. You can’t have a good social media [...]

Does your church brand need policing

Back in my regular employment days I was the appointed guardian of my company’s brand. It was a difficult job. Because at heart everybody believes they have some elite design skillz that often involve clip art and comic sans. Churches are perhaps worse than not-for-profit membership based community organisations like mine was. Because our staff [...]

Why correct attribution of quotes matters (and why I don’t often quote people)

I’ve posted this on St. Eutychus, but it probably belongs here too – and I feel a bit like I’ve been neglecting putting my serious thought up here as promised… I’m not normally a pedant. I hope. But I found myself informing many of my friends that the Martin Luther King Jr quote they posted [...]

Reading a Biblical text for meaning and purpose (Warning: Contents may ramble)

When you’re trying to interpret any text, but particularly a Biblical text, understanding the context is important. I think we’d all agree. Unless there are dumb people reading. You’re not dumb are you? This is one of the foundations of a good, intellectually robust, approaches to the Bible. Literary theories ebb and flow with different [...]

Preaching on Onan

Here’s the sermon I mentioned I was working on on Genesis 38. In audio form. And here, for the visual thinkers, is the wordle. It went alright. I hate the ending. I should have just stopped about 4 minutes out from the end. Maybe I need to start writing my endings first (I kind of [...]