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The definitive Australian guide to Tim Tebow

Chucking the word “definitive” into a title makes an article 16% more compelling. That’s a definitive statistic. Anyway, we won’t be hearing about Tim Tebow until next season, after his Denver Broncos were bustled out of the playoffs today (Australian time). Tim Tebow had arguably a pretty successful year on the field. But its his [...]

Keller on approaching culture…

As well as using Vanhoozer for this sermon I’m putting together, I’m tapping into some of the brilliance of Tim Keller. This video is tops. Tim Keller Feb’09: Cultural Transformation from Newfrontiers on Vimeo. Three wrong ways to go about dealing with culture. Defensive against. The way to be a Christian in public is to [...]

Everyday Theology with Kevin Vanhoozer

Al posted a couple of videos (part 2) featuring Kevin Vanhoozer speaking to the Centre of Public Christianity today. He’s an insightful guy. Vanhoozer that is, Al is too… but I’ve been reading his Everyday Theology: How to Read Cultural Texts and Interpret Trends for a sermon Im writing for church on Sunday, and it [...]

Steve Jobs on Conspiracy Theorists and the “Mainstream Media” (in 2002)

I hate it when people bag out the main stream media. As though the media is a puppet master tweaking the strings of society to impose its own views on the world. People need to start taking responsibility for their own actions and realise that the media is a mirror. It doesn’t make money if [...]

Tyndale v More: Men, seasons and the KJV

Sir Thomas More was an interesting chap – lauded for his philosophical writing (like Utopia) and his ability to speak truth to power (see A Man For All Seasons). But, on the whole, he wasn’t a nice chap. Especially so far as bible translator William Tyndale was concerned. This piece by atheist polemicist Christopher Hitchens [...]

An open letter to my Christian Facebook friends regarding Chaplaincy

I thought, since I posted that long political rant just now, I should also post this (originally posted at St. Eutychus)… My Facebook newsfeed is jammed full of articles, cause invites and petitions suggesting that the Christian sky will fall down if I don’t voice my support for the government funding of school chaplains. For [...]

Should Christians speak out in the political process

My answer to the question posed above is “yes”… what’s yours? Following on from my so called “open letter” about school chaplaincy funding from last week,* I’d like to address one of the comments that made its way back to me via a third party. I won’t name names, lest I betray any confidences… “[I] [...]

Is it time to do away with “church”?

I was sitting in church this morning wondering why there wasn’t anybody new there. Wondering why it is so hard to get people who aren’t just transfers from another church out the door on a Sunday morning and into the Christian community that goes on in often uncomfortable buildings with a bunch of weird counter-cultural [...]

England is totally gay

UPDATE: Be sure to read this thorough reading of the verdict from Peter Ould. Wow. It’s a bad time to be a Christian in England. A couple in England. A Christian couple. Who have fostered a bunch of kids. Have lost the right to do so in the future because the believe homosexuality is wrong [...]

On homosexuality, gay marriage, and slippery slopes

A couple of years ago the Christian blogosphere was atwitter with articles about Genesis 1 – and specifically, the creation v science dichotomy that so many people seem so keen to establish when assessing Genesis (yes, I’m looking at you New Atheists, and at you Creation Scientists). Reading the Bible like a fundamentalist has its [...]