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The framework of a Social Media Strategy for Promoting a Christian Event

I recently put together a social media strategy for a Christian event I’m helping promote. This was to support an existing, broader, communication strategy for the event, so all the work in terms of figuring out what sort of content to post, and when, had already been done. You can’t have a good social media [...]

Does your church brand need policing

Back in my regular employment days I was the appointed guardian of my company’s brand. It was a difficult job. Because at heart everybody believes they have some elite design skillz that often involve clip art and comic sans. Churches are perhaps worse than not-for-profit membership based community organisations like mine was. Because our staff [...]

Is it time to do away with “church”?

I was sitting in church this morning wondering why there wasn’t anybody new there. Wondering why it is so hard to get people who aren’t just transfers from another church out the door on a Sunday morning and into the Christian community that goes on in often uncomfortable buildings with a bunch of weird counter-cultural [...]

Jesus is ___: Fill in the blank

In an advertising campaign reminiscent of Australia’s Jesus All About Life campaign – a church in the states is running a “Jesus is ____” website asking for people to submit their ideas about who Jesus is. A nice idea. Hijacked by atheists. So if you’re not an atheist, and you don’t think Jesus is a [...]

Flashmobs and evangelism: Can the church harness these viral sensations

If there’s one thing this food court rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus has taught us, it’s that millions of people will watch a well staged flash mob. Even if it’s a song about Jesus. 13 million people in fact. Improv Everywhere are responsible for the vast majority of popular flashmobs. But now anybody with a [...]